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I can’t explain how hard this made me laugh when I first saw this skit.

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Illustrations by Catharine Graff

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Neverending Glory by Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus

The collection interprets opulent candle chandeliers from five of the world’s most eminent concert halls and theaters.

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Amy Swartelé is a Belgian and American painter who can “touch deeply if one is open to test boundaries”. Swartelé’s paintings develop from traditions of surrealism and expressionism, using occassional illusion and an evocative use of paint to question our perceptions and assumptions. See more

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Unsure of how to confess your love to someone? Try this:

  1. Acquire several dozen limes.
  2. Go up to them and then drop all the limes.
  3. Start picking them up, but keep dropping them. The clumsier you look the better.
  4. Keep doing this until you have their attention (this could take up to thirty minutes).
  5. Finally gather up the limes. Try looking a bit sheepish.
  6. Look them deeply in the eyes and say, “Sorry. I’m bad at Pickup Limes.”
  7. Marry them.

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